10 Wallet Friendly Secret Santa Gift Ideas For Christmas 2018


It’s the most wonderful time of the year!

Christmas is indeed the time for sharing and giving. The idea of sharing secret Santa gifts among family, friends or your colleagues during this season is mostly a wonderful thing. Receiving gifts are always a delight, until you’re the one getting the gift.

Where can I find something thoughtful yet affordable, which the other party will like and find useful?

Then the panic mode sets in as you secretly wish you were never apart of this secret Santa gimmick.

Lucky for you, we’ve done the honours by coming up with 10 secret Santa gift ideas just for you!

10 Secret Santa Gift Ideas

1. A Personalized Mug ($15)

Ah, the wonders of a good cup of kopi to start your morning.

Everyone enjoys a good cup of teh, kopi, or any other beverage. Whether it is in the office or a home, most people would enjoy sipping on some kind of hot beverage in a nice personal mug. Therefore, the gift of a mug is a great idea because it is practical and useful for both men and women.

As a way of making the mug more attractive, you can choose to have it printed with a personalised or unique design. If you know the recipient of the secret Santa gift, you can also opt to have their name printed on it.

2. Merlion Salt & Pepper Shaker Set ($14.90)

Nothing screams Singapore and cute more than this.

This is the perfect gift for those who enjoy cooking or usually eat at home. When placed together, they’ll be sure to fuel a conversion with your guests!

Another excuse to add more salt and pepper into your dish?


Source: Naiise

3. A Power Bank ($20)

This is an incredibly useful gift, especially for those with a smartphone. Which is basically everyone.

A power bank is extremely convenient:  It is easy to carry and acts as an immediate relief when your phone goes off abruptly. The best part is that it allows you to charge your device on the go! Hence, this makes power banks an incredibly handy gift. We’re pretty sure you won’t go wrong with such a gift.


Source: Lazada.sg

4. Shopping Vouchers ($20)

If all else fails, the idea of gifting your mortal with shopping vouchers is always a good idea.

Name us someone who would say no to such things.

This is an excellent option and it is ideal in cases where you don’t know who your mortal is, or don’t know your mortal very well. It can prove to be quite challenging to try and pick a gift without having any idea of your mortal’s preferences or needs.

Therefore, such vouchers ensure that your mortal gets the opportunity to choose what they would love to have as a gift.

It also prevents your gift from collecting dust somewhere. Or in worst case scenarios, getting trashed.

There are many places that you can get gift vouchers for. For instance, gift vouchers for online retailers like Zalora and ASOS and Capitaland mall vouchers are great for both men and women. If your mortal is a female, places like Sephora, Zara or online blog shops would work as well.

Have you ever seen the queue outside Sephora, especially the ion outlet, during their 20% sales? It’s insane.

Depending on how much you’re willing to shell out, or the budget set aside for your secret Santa, a decent shopping voucher would set you back by $20.

5. A Scented Candle ($25)

They compliment a perfectly good book, a hot bath and a good meal. Scented candles prove to be incredibly versatile and can not only be used to calm your nerves and elicit a calming effect within you, but to also inject the perfect scent to your home or office space.

That said, scented candles are highly subjective so be sure to know what kinds of scent your mortal likes before buying anything.


Source: Artisan Of Sense

6. A KeepCup ($18.90)

KeepCups are incredibly useful and environmentally friendly. Plus points please!

They can be used to keep your drink warm and can also save you a bit of money when you offer to have your drink in a KeepCup rather than having it in a plastic cup.

Cheers to a sustainable future!Keepcup-Secret-Santa-Gift-Ideas-Singapore

Source: Lazada.sg

7. Chocolates ($20)

You can hardly go wrong with food, especially sweet treats like chocolates.

If music is our universal language, then chocolates and cookies are our universal guilty pleasure.

There are many dessert shops around that offer assorted boxes of chocolates for a pretty affordable price. Assorted chocolates are also a good idea if you’re unsure of the kind of cocoa extravagance your mortal indulges in.

Seriously, chocolates are always a good idea.

8. A Personalised Pouch ($15)

Gifting your mortal with a pouch is always a good idea. These pouches can prove to be incredible useful: men and ladies alike can use these pouches to store things like makeup, medicine and their personal belongings. A really handy and useful gift!

You can add a personal touch to such pouches by having their name printed on the pouch.


Source: Etsy

9. A Pair Of Earphones ($20)

Even if your mortal already has a pair of earphones, an extra pair of earphones wouldn’t hurt. It’s always a plus because they tend to be misplaced often.

This is a gift that is practical for all recipients, and especially for those who enjoy being entertained quietly through music on their earphones.

10. A 2019 Wall Calendar ($17)

What better way to end off 2018 than to start planning for 2019? This 2019 wall calendar will ensure that your mortal gets organised and starts jotting down their plans for the year ahead!


Source: Kikki K

See? Shopping for secret Santa gifts don’t have to involve constant panic attacks and major headaches.

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